I hear frequently from clients how their breath practice has helped them deal with stressful situations and sleep better. Research proves better breathing equals a happier, healthier life. ~ Jackie Kold

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Better body awareness of how you stand, sit and feel in everyday life means you learn to self-correct posture as well as avoid injury at home and work. Preventative medicine is always a great investment. ~ Jackie Kold

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My method is so effective because it challenges you with unique, simultaneous upper and lower body exercises for a total body workout that strengthens and elongates all muscle groups every time.
~ Jackie Kold

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Jackie Kold Fitness and Yoga

Over the years Jackie Kold, CPT, RYT, C.S.S.T has offered a holistic, total body approach to health and wellness.  She has taught that as energy, balance, breathing and strength improve; you not only perform better, but become a better you. Jackie thanks the Fox Valley for the many years of support.  Caring for the needs of people as they age is more than a job to her — it’s her passion.  As a corrective exercise specialist, she has now also become certified as an Activities Director, focusing on senior health services. To learn more about Jackie,  read Jackie’s bio and personal story.  

Personal Training Method

Jackie evaluates your ability level, posture and any past injuries with a fitness assessment. Then, keeping your own goals in mind, she’ll design a dynamic and varied fitness plan utilizing her Steps to Fitness Total Body Personal Training Method so you don’t plateau and it’s always FUN!   This unique method engages the muscles to work in unison for efficient, effective results and joints to stabilize under a variety of circumstances. Her personalized blend of yoga counterposes to contracted exercises keep clients flexible and toned while enhancing their body awareness and sports performance.

For those that enjoy a personal trainer experience as well as a group setting, there are effective and exciting options for every age and ability level. Jackie’s personal trainer services and classes range from ladies-only boot campsyoga to Pilates, Mom and Me, and Husband and Wives personal training programs geared to specific needs. In addition, you can gain support of family and friends and save money by having Jackie as your personal trainer with them through her Fitness Friends’ Personal Training sessions for as little as $25 per person! Since Jackie’s goal is to educate her clients on developing lifelong fitness success, her personalized workouts and exclusive DVDs keep your results going at home too–also saving you time and money.

Her personally-designed fitness training programs have helped numerous individuals lose weight and inches and keep them off when they couldn’t in the past, Why?   Read more about Personal Training in Jackie’s 1,500 square foot studio in St. Charles, IL which offers a nurturing, private environment so you can focus on your goals with her personalized attention. Spa services include a private FAR Infrared Sauna — burn up to 700 calories and relax after workouts in this specialized sauna, which is also FDA-approved for pain management.  

Jackie has been named in the top 10 Fitness Influencers by Glancer Magazine in June 2017!

Your Eco-Friendly Studio in St. Charles

Personal training clients, Pilates and Yoga students love this holistic studio! The eco-friendly, cushioned floor is fantastic for everyone from the athlete doing plyometrics to the yoga student that needs cushion for wrists and knees.   The main studio room has the perfect energy and equipment to help you to reach your ultimate potential including cardio equipment for all levels you won’t typically find in a health club!  Contact Jackie for a tour and Free Fitness Assessment and see for yourself! ~Jackie

JKFY Renovated Studio in St. Charles            JKFY personal training cardio machines

Students in the main studio room with its eco-friendly, cushioned floor at the beginning of yoga class with Jackie (background center).
Fitness Friends enjoy the cardio Spin Bike and the new Elliptical Bike which is great for all levels including those with knee or back issues.

JKFY personal training Pilates Wave Room            St. Charles JKFY Sauna Room

The Pilates “Wave” room boasts a Pilates Reformer for Pilates and Pi-Yo workouts and an exceptional environment that reminds you of the importance of breath to movement.
Don’t miss the Far Infrared Sauna Room for an exceptional environment to unwind, but still burn 700 calories in a 30-minute session.

Watch these videos to learn more about personal training with Jackie!

Sample of Jackie Kold's Steps to Fitness

Personal Trainer Jackie Kold demonstrates some of her Steps to Fitness exercises as part of her Total Body Training Method in her St. Charles location.

Sample of Jackie Kold's Boot Camp

Watch the action as Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor Jackie Kold takes her “recruits” through the paces!


Ron ReinekeRon Reineckechron2

Jackie's client demonstrates how cable pushdowns help daily to align the spine and keep shoulders healthy.

Jackie’s client demonstrates how cable pushdowns help daily to align the spine and keep shoulders healthy.

Learn how Jackie’s program helped Ron beat the odds.  Visit his Wall of Fame story.  Jackie’s Total Body Steps to Fitness and inspiration can help you be your fittest in 2016 too! Call Jackie 630-584-2254 TODAY!.

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