A Better Brain with Exercise

As I was planning this month’s Say I Do Bootcamps, I happenned to be sharing some of the details with a client. I mentioned some “agility fun” that we would be having and how that use of toy balls can really help with neuromuscular efficiency — ranging from  hand/eye coordination to how well our  left leg and right arm work together and visa-versa.

I work these activities into my personal training because it’s a great way to build balance, a strong core, a steady gait, posture and more.  It also really helps with the aging process as it strengthens the brain.

She mentioned that very principal was mentioned in this month’s Redbook Magazine.  They had an article, How to Grow a Better Brain, which stated how catching a ball with one hand that connects your eyes, hands and brain are a good workout for more than just the body.  Also that the smaller the ball is, the better for this skill. Guess my upcoming bootcampers will really enjoy the glow in the dark ping pong ball activity I’ve got coming up–shhhh! It’s a secret. LOL.

On a side note, SELF magazine also had an article on how mindfulness, mantras and intention helped even those with strong, strength training workouts to get more of their programs.   The also mentioned how moving meditation, like I teach in Stretch and Restore, is beneficial and was an ancient Chinese art.

So those of you who think a focus of yoga can’t really improve your game, your moves or your lifts, take note — yes it does!  I encourage you to look for these magazines on stands now.  Then, meet me on the mat this week as we work on that and more in yoga!  To my lucky bootcampers, you’ll really get brain and body fit next week!



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