Don’t Drink and Diet – plus the sugar connection

While this may not be the most popular topic for a fitness newsletter, for those of you who want to be successful with your fitness program, I feel it is one of the most important. During summer, many people equate relaxation with the reward of a cold beer or glass

Sugar Addiction? Knowledge is Power to Self-Control

This time of year I’m really cued into issues with sugar, and how it can derail my clients, be it leftover Easter candy, or the warmer weather and the connection to drinking wine or even for those fit people, making the right choice for a sports drink.  Since knowledge is

A Better Brain with Exercise

As I was planning this month’s Say I Do Bootcamps, I happenned to be sharing some of the details with a client. I mentioned some “agility fun” that we would be having and how that use of toy balls can really help with neuromuscular efficiency — ranging from  hand/eye coordination to

Two Hearts Workshop Thanks and photos!

My week at JKFY started off just about as sweet as it possibly could with a lovely, sunny afternoon teaching girls and the ladies that love them about yoga together at my Two Hearts Workshop this past Sunday. You just can’t help but smile when you get to see the
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