Wall Of Fame Highlights

Gail Fusz – Mission Possible

Wall of Fame Goal: To alleviate pain inside and out, get fit and reclaim my joy. How Jackie Helped   I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 3.  When I was a toddler, I would get out of bed and crawl to the kitchen.  My left knee was

Cindy Peterson – Mission Possible

Wall of Fame Goal: To achieve overall fitness, lose weight and stay active with the sports and activities I enjoy for many years to come. How Jackie Helped Before I started training with Jackie, I was exercising with free weights on my own, but I didn’t really know what I

Healthy Tips for Healthier Living this Spring

I give clients a lot of tips during our training sessions, but the advice that keeps on giving is to keep a food journal and setting realistic fitness goals for success. Since food is what derails most weight loss goals, even with exercise.  Let’s start here.  You need to not

Donna Fish – Mission Possible

Wall of Fame Goal: To regain and improve on muscle mass, strength and balance after having developed an inflammatory disorder in May of 2014 known as Polymyaglia.  My weight loss and muscle loss were significant; I needed to byild and strengthen, not lose weight. How Jackie Helped I needed to

Audrey Mares – Mission Possible

Wall of Fame Goal: This program was a birthday gift from my daughter. I only exercised using machines in the past and while I was dedicated to doing that three times a week, we both knew I needed more training than what machines could offer and flexibility through yoga. How Jackie Helped

Ron Reineke – Mission Possible

Wall of Fame Goal: After a diagnosis of diabetes and then a life-threatening injury/illness in the line of duty as a state trooper, to reclaim my strength and balance and be the longest living pancreas transplant from Mayo Clinic. I’m on my way as my 10-year anniversary since this rare

Kim Snyder – Mission Possible

Wall of Fame Goal: To lose those last stubborn 15 pounds I couldn’t get rid of even with Crossfit training several times a week and a busy job as a school principal. How Jackie helped: Kim learned how to balance her career as a school principal and the challenge of Crohn’s Disease with a
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