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To achieve overall fitness, lose weight and stay active with the sports and activities I enjoy for many years to come.

How Jackie Helped

Before I started training with Jackie, I was exercising with free weights on my own, but I didn’t really know what I was doing. I had thought about working with a trainer and met Jackie when she taught a yoga class for my tennis team. Later, I was approached by a tennis teammate (who had also achieved great results training with Jackie following a double knee replacement) to be her “Fitness Friend” after her training partner had moved. I said, “yes”, and I’m so glad I did!

As it happened, before I started training with Jackie, I had a psoas injury which wasn’t improving. Also, I had gained about 10 pounds in recent years and wanted to take that weight off. Jackie addressed my injury, and took my love of tennis and bicycling into consideration when designing a training program for me.

I love her total body approach to exercise! When I was working with weights on my own, I was working only one or two muscle groups at a time. Jackie’s total body program works the whole body at once efficiently. She puts together such a great combination of strength, gait and core work in her moves, that there is a lot of variety and I never get bored.

Her emphasis on proper technique makes me feel confident that I won’t injure myself and I’ve learned how to keep my psoas injury from reoccurring.Cindy Peterson Pilates room

When my training partner couldn’t make our weekly session, I’ve taken advantage of private sessions to work individually with Jackie. I love how she pushes me to do all I can without pushing too far and the private session work on the Pilates Reformer/Tower too. Beyond a weekly training session, I take a weekly ladies’ only yoga class on Tuesdays with Jackie, and I enjoy the positive atmosphere she creates in the class as well as the strength and flexibility her yoga provides.

Regarding diet and weight loss, Jackie had me chart my food intake using the MyFitnessPal app on my phone. At first, I wasn’t at all enthusiastic about food journaling, but the app makes it kind of fun, and the increased awareness of what I was eating and what portion sizes look like helped me immensely in achieving my goals.

Not only did I lose the original 10 pounds I’d added over the years, but my results in weekly sessions in just 5 months are amazing: I’ve lost 25 pounds, I’m down a whopping 21.5 inches, including 4 inches off my abs, I’ve dropped my body fat by 10% and have a healthy body mass index. I know my heart is strong to keep up with the intense cardio required in my tennis matches. It’s also enlightening to realize the importance of total body training with free weights. Like Jackie says, “Cardio fitness, even strong cardio 4-5 days a week, will never keep you fit enough. You have to train total body.”

A healthy psoas with total body moves that also strengthen the knees and quad and kettle bells for arm strength keep Cindy playing strong!

A healthy psoas with total body moves that also strengthen the knees and quads and kettle bells for arm strength keep Cindy playing strong!

My psoas injury has steadily improved and is close to being completely healed, and I’ve been able to keep playing tennis competitively through this process. Best of all, due to the overall fitness and weight loss I’ve achieved training with Jackie, I know I’ll be able to stay active, play even better tennis, and continue the long distance bicycling and other fitness activities I enjoy, for a long, long time. What a great feeling to feel and be my best physically and mentally as I approach age 55! Thanks, Jackie!

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