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To regain and improve on muscle mass, strength and balance after having developed an inflammatory disorder in May of 2014 known as Polymyaglia.  My weight loss and muscle loss were significant; I needed to byild and strengthen, not lose weight.

How Jackie Helped

I needed to get back into a scheduled fitness routine after retiring from my job last year after 13 years as a fitness instructor due to my Polymyalgia. Fortunately I found Jackie and her Total Body Fitness program. With my own instructor background, I knew right away Jackie was the person who could help me reach my goals. Jackie’s persistent reminders of correct posture and
form when doing exercises, especially strength training, are the very same beliefs I have known and taught through my career. But I needed a scientific plan to gain back what I’d lost in muscle, and we all can benefit from an expert with form and function. Jackie’s level of knowledge, expertise and philosophies helped me regain what I had lost, but more importantly, she led me back to a life of being my best physically and mentally. My health is a blessing, but staying strong is up to us. I am so grateful to have Jackie’s continuing encouragement and skill.

Due to Polymyaglia, gaining healthy weight, muscle mass and especially upper body strength were what I needed back for health and daily life activities. With Jackie’s help and program, I see it , I feel it and I love it! I have learned so many new techniques. What she teaches works, it’s safe, and the goals she set for me were attainable.

Donna plankAt age 68 I have the strength to do the best ball plank pushups I’ve done in many, many years and I’m ready to do her upcoming Jingle Bell Boot Camp this month. I highly recommend training with Jackie as a gift to any aging parent for the holidays. I could not be happier, or feel better. Thank You Jackie!!!

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