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Read just some of Jackie’s success stories on her studio’s Wall of Fame and get inspired by women just like you! Click on each name to read!

Gail Fusz – From Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 3 to losing almost 10% body fat, what a comeback!  Gail went from severe knee pain to learning she could do a reverse lunge twist total body pain free at age 60!   Gail will inspire you as she displays what true honesty and hard work can accomplish.  She’s back to riding her horse, and inspiring her family as well.  Watch her video and read about her journey!

Ron Reineke – This retired State Trooper was injured on the job.  His recovery included 55 surgeries and a pancreas transplant from Mayo.  Issues including neuropathy limited his balance, and medications that impact his ability to keep muscle had to be overcome.  But this true “trooper” had the determination to work with Jackie and reclaim his balance, energy and strength.  Be inspired and motivated by this amazing story!

Jen Smith – Has lost 139 pounds and counting in just 10 months with Jackie’s help.  Now a size 8 in spite of a hectic travel job as an architect manager and bad knees, she’s running 5Ks and enjoying Power Yoga classes and at a healthy weight for the first time in her life.

Dianne Nero   Needed to get in shape in just three weeks to help aging family members.  With Jackie’s help she dropped her body fat by 5% and got her body physically strong to handle these challenges.

Lynn Peloquin – She had a baby at 40 and five years later knew she needed motivation to get back in the swing of things.  She got her “ME” back, toned and happy and her golf game improved too!

Kira Gravitt – She went from serious pain to serious results with Jackie, losing 7 lbs. in her first month despite a back injury.

Noreen Haddox Childhood polio had left this lovely lady with gait, posture and hip alignment issues, feeling she couldn’t walk through a parking lot safely.  Now she does yoga and boot camps with Jackie, and can not only walk but sprint with new found confidence!

Falgun Pancholi –  A difficult pregnancy and pelvic floor issues left Falgun with serious back pain and baby weight.  But she regained her strength, realigned her body and spirit and lost 22 pounds in no time with Jackie’s help.  Back pain no more, and pre-baby clothes fit!

Bonita Deering  –  She turned 40 looking more fabulous than in her 20s and 30s and has more energy for her business and family!

Kim Snyder – This busy school principal thought numerous Crossfit sessions were the answer.  Rather than work, it put undue stress on her body.  Jackie’s Total Body Training once a week was all it took.  Now she Power Yogas and bootcamps and is safely at her goal weight!

Kristina Neahring  –  She wanted a great beach body and got it with Jackie!

Donna Drawbridge – This avid tennis player wanted to improve her game in spite of a shoulder injury. With Jackie’s help she lost 20 inches, improved her play and has an excellent body mass index and body fat rating to boot!

Stefanie Nimick – Stefanie was “Sundance Strong” and skied everyday, and went from back and knee injuries to triumph thanks to Jackie’s therapeutics and a personal training program to meet her needs. She looked as great as she felt having lost 15 pounds in 10 weeks.

Ruth Ann Dunton – Wanting an A+ on her next physical, this retired principal reduced her cholesterol by 40 points, now fits into clothes she loves and feels great!

Audrey Mares – At 80-years-old young, Audrey displays that you are never to old to develop good form and improve overall fitness!

Kim Shaver – She wanted to look great for her son’s wedding and did that while also learning how to stay healthy and fit for her job while in her 50s training total body!

Carol Cummins – Lost 13 inches in just 5 sessions including 3 1/2 inches from her abs.  She’s approaching 60 with better balance, strength, and confidence!

Kris Berglind – This mom of 5 with all children under age 8 found she could not only tone her body back to pre-babies but boost her self-confidence as well!

Dixie Riley – approached age 70 by being able to workout hard and strong, in spite of coming to Jackie with significant hip and back pain.

Kathy Evans –  found her 40s to be a challenging time for weight loss, but is more than 18 pounds lighter due to Jackie’s winning combo of energy, balance and strength training.

Sue Thomas  –  She went from 5 years of bilateral frozen shoulders to lifting 10 lb weights overhead and placing 2nd in a 10K.

Natalie Salinas  –  She wanted to look “smokin’ hot” for her sister’s wedding, and has already dropped 30 pounds in three short months!

Maria Warner  –  The 2 1/2 hour drive to see Jackie was worth it for Maria.  She lost 30 lbs. in just 7 visits in 6 months and has found new vitality for family and work.

Barb Salinas  –  Her daughter’s success with Jackie prompted her to give it a try.  She’s now found a love of exercise for the first time in her life and has lost almost 30 pounds herself.

Jeanne and Laura Johnson  –  This mother and daughter team enjoy the affordability of duets and both found motivation to exercise amid a busy work and school life.  But most of all, they found time to enjoy getting healthy together .

Shelley Seyller  –  She lost over 55 pounds with Jackie’s total body fitness approach!

Sally Amundsen  –  Sally has found she has more time for life by taking time to train with Jackie. As she approaches 60, she has more energy and joy of movement returning from earlier times.

Jaime Foss  –  She found inspiration to lose and keep off those last few pounds  and discovered inspiration to become a yoga teacher.

Teresa Haish  –  Teresa gets comments all the time from clients on how great she looks–but feeling healthy is her real inspiration.

Kathy Sheldon  –  She saved herself from having knee surgery through Jackie’s training and FAR Infrared Sauna.

Nancy Koehn  –  She wanted to place well at her first Triathlon in 5 years.  With help from Jackie, she realized her dream.

Tonya Virtue  –  Tonya was able to do more than recover from a serious injury–she thrived and got fit in the process.

Danna Harvey  said 50 would be fabulous and she’s on her way!

Jennifer Thiel  –  This healthcare provider wanted to be fit and healthy for her husband, daughter and for her patients.

Teresa Alverado  –  Training for the Chicago Marathon led her to Jackie.  She found a Just Do It attitude!

Marcia Mann  –  Marcia decided it was time to put herself first – and lost 10 inches and 4 lbs. of fat and 21 lbs. in along the way.

Laurie Skutecki – Caring for an aging mom and physical concerns to overcome didn’t stop Laurie from a fit body with Jackie’s help.

Nicole Yingst  –  This mom of four healed her body and went on to become our champion!

Heidi Biederman  –  She wanted to be fit for her 50th high school reunion and have the agility and energy to keep up with her grandchildren!

Michelle Bancroft  –  This Black Belt contender healed her hip to keep her kicks high and reduced her core for the first time to boot!

Alexa Schill  –  This new mom lost the baby fat quickly and safely and is setting a great example for all moms!

Nancy Gambrel – Nancy proves your 60’s can be your fittest, and she turned a diagnosis from Osteopenia into an ability to do moves that would challenge someone in their 20’s! Read this and see!

Jill Dieckhoff  –  A weak back no more and slimmer too!

Heather Stevenson – she found balance in her body and sleek, toned muscles too!

Beth Jacobs  –  She’s fought back from a serious back injury and gained strength through our program!

Shelly Winkler  –  She healed her body and got toned and her daughter Piper (see next) got strong too!

Piper Winkler  –  Through  our program for children, she scored high in her fitness tests and bonded with her mom and friends with our Yoga for Kids!

Jen Young  –  This young mom struggles with those last 10 pounds no more!

Corina Mahon  –  Her dancin’ feet are going strong and she’s reversed her family history of heart disease.

Kathy Purcell  –  With Jackie she got results fast and found the motivation and fitness fun she needed!

Wendy Peniak – Lost over 80 pounds in spite of knee issues that had previously hindered her fitness goals.

Susan Moody – Wendy Peniak’s sister, joined the studio after Wendy’s success and lost 40 pounds!

Diana Lach – Diana has been with Jackie for years, and as the Forearm Plank Hold Contest winner (6 minutes), she continues to stay fit and motivated into her 50’s with Jackie’s progressive training models.

Brandon Lach – Brandon is Diana’s son, and trained with Jackie to reach his best time in Cross County (he has!) using Jackie’s Total Body Method including yoga and Pilates to help him compete not only on the track but for college scholarships. An added bonus has been a new way for this teen to connect with his mom.

Are you ready to be next on our Wall of Fame?  Contact Jackie!

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