Help Your Neck, Shoulders, Scapula and Back – From Acid Reflux to Sleep and Computer Strain — Here’s Help

I bought this pillow as a birthday gift for my husband, an avid reader.

Please note as you read the following! I’ve included two other posts that can really help your body in this Blog below. Don’t miss all of them as how our necks and low back are impacted by how we sleep can mean everything from allergy and acid reflux relief to the alignment of our “wings” in our shoulderblades.

How you read in bed, watch TV, and ultimately sleep impacts your body 24 hours a day.  Sleeping on your back is desireable.  Look into this type of pillow and you will know why it’s the best way to sleep.  I use one — and now my husband does too – get the style and size that’s best for you!

I also like to combine this neck pillow with it for even better support for the neck!

In addition, posture is often an issue for everyone, but women especially have issues.  You don’t need to be top heavy to need help these days.  Here’s a comfortable way to keep your posture, and become aware, which can ultimately help everything for misalignment in the wings to help you have support when you work out.  Affordable and helpful for ladies.  There are stronger options, and every body is different, but also worth trying!

Many individuals do not realize how a tight pectoral muscle can impact their shoulders and neck, even while the pectorals are in the front of the body, it can impact even the scapula (shoulderblades).  Pain there can often be related back to tight pecs as can neck pain.  I love keeping these massage balls handy by my computer to use while working.  You can purchase these from stores beyond Amazon.  I found a great set at Sierra Trading Post, but here is one with a guide from Amazon.  You can utilize these for a variety of issues in the body so having one with a guide helps or I can show you at your next training session!  Sports like cycling create tight pecs too, so I utilize these when I ride as well.

While there is a lot to be said about your computer/workplace set up, one of the most important things you can do is to be upright in how you look at your monitor and avoid hunching forward or slumping in your chair. 

Click Here for a quick  desk guide for further help and see Dos and Don’ts right for more help!

For more help on the neck, shoulders, and back, be sure to meet me on the yoga mat this week at JKFY as we will stretch and strengthen as well as teach you awareness!  Email me to attend!

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