Integrated Total Body Training at JKFY: Combining the Physical, the Spiritual and the Mental with Intention

Most people set a resolution in the new year, and one of the reasons these resolutions fail is the individual lacks the understanding and expertise to take their goals to fruition.  Many start out strong but also too fast, not realizing their aging body can’t just spring into action like it did in their 20’s or 30s.  For success,  results need to be based on a scientific and systematic approach as well as incorporate the spiritual. Moreover, subjective information  of what the individual needs to overcome mentally can be just as important as the physical aspects, from how to deal with triggers that derail their eating to ho their personal and work life and even medications and sleep impact their  success.

So let’s start on the physical. For a program to be successful scientifially for weight loss, muscle adapation, etc. it must be integrated in it’s approach. What is Integrated Training? This applies to all forms of fitness training to produce specific adaptations: flexibility, cardiorespiratory, stabilization (core, balance, reactive training) and resistance, weight training. Any training program must be deisgned with consideration towards the person, their goals and the environment they are in — from obstacles that occur with work and family to past injuries or attitudes that may be roadblocks to their success.  The amount of training and how each workout phase builds on itself to keep the client achieving and not plateauing are also major factors to any client’s intentions and success and these need to be reassessed and revisited every four to six weeks.  If over age 50, factors such as muscle development, protein synthesis and sleep are even more critical and past injuries carry more impact as joint damage, muscle weakness and other factors must be taken into consideration in the planning process.

If the above sounds daunting with a fitness resolution, don’t throw in the towel.  Just know that this is where my Total Body Steps to Fitness and personal motivation for you is your key to being your healthiest in 2016! 

Your success, or lack thereof in the past, just needs to have a proper plan and personal understanding to make the changes you need to make.   And while concerns such as prior injuries or issues with resisting food temptations,  as a trainer and as your yoga teacher, that combined approach with a personalized program can turn past failures into learning experiences to take you to your peak in fitness and life.

Often times it’s compensations during movements that impede success just as much as allowing our emotions to rule our decisions.    For example, a compensation in a movement causing muscle imbalances can lead to injury such as knee pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, etc.   And emotional eating can derail even the best fitness program.

When I speak of training Total Body and an integrated approach, it means seeing the client as a whole person — getting to know them and their history from physical to family, from how they sleep and eat to how they deal with stress and work.   It’s a personal relationship and a positive one with a plan for at home and here.   A means of charting your success by personally charting for yourself and me, and using those markers to take those steps to even greater success.     It’s about incorporating yoga into your life, both on and off the mat.  As we plant the seeds of our intentions and connect those to breath and learn about ourselves and our minds as we hold poses and have to also find stillness, or sit with ourselves in meditation, that is where many of the real answers to our past roadblocks are found.

How are Fitness and Wellbeing Intentions Turned Into Reality?  My Philosophy at JKFY:

Set small, measureable goals.  Educate yourself by looking at your past, and learn from it.  Don’t wallow in mistakes, and don’t define your current self by them either. Employ a competent, seasoned expert to guide you on your journey.  Know you have only one body and mind and your life has as much value as everyone else’s. Remember to  meditate for clarity and positive outcomes and breathe for the calm to make the best decisions, especially when triggered to repeat past mistakes. And most importantly, believe first and foremost in yourself, as your thoughts can move mountains and all is possible. ~ Jackie

And as we enter 2016, looking back at ancient wisdom can also help us:

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”
– Buddha.

“You are what your deep driving desire is;
As your deep driving desire is, so is your will;
As your will is so is your deed;
As your deed is so is your destiny.”
– The Upanishads

“Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”
– Jesus.

Join Me in 2016 and Don’t Forget to Scribe that Intention! 

Handwriting is a dying art, but research holds true that the words you write by hand help your brain to carry out your intentions.  Just like a muscle, exercise your intention. Write it out daily — be detailed with your dream and set yourself deadlines; create a vision board. Make your intentions so ingrained that you’re beyond confident; that your actions become autopilot toward manifesting it.  Let JKFY be the place you also plant that seed of success.  Scribe it and see!

Here are some of my favorite Intentions from the last JKFY Board in 2015 (now stored in the lovely Red Jar for glowing Kula – community – power!):

  • To rediscover ME!
  • To not eat my worries
  • To experience a new. lighter me
  • To carve a new trail
  • That everyone would know the love of Jesus
  • To lead with LOVE in all things
  • To nurture my heart and my body
  • To face each challenge with a smile
  • To reclaim my body
  • To restore my health
  • To care for myself as much as my family
  • To let pain go
  • To be strong not just in my body but in my spirit

What’s your new year look like?  Scribe it with me and see it become reality.  I’m here to help you reach your personal peak, one awesome step at a time! Blessings in the new year and always, Jackie


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