Jackie’s Yogic Inspiration


by Studio Owner and Instructor Jackie Kold.

Jackie KoldYoga has become my companion. I’ve loved movement since my childhood when I began taking ballet from age 3. After learning more about the spiritual aspects of yoga in classes and obtaining my 227+ plus hours of teacher training, Iíve committed myself to a daily practice.

I had no idea that yoga could help me with so many challenges in life, both personally and physically. As the months went on, I found it gave me what I needed, greater calm on stressful days, energy on days I felt dull, confidence when I needed it. But as I’ve aged. it has helped me to get through menopause and these related changes.

What I’ve found to be most important is to not stop practicing. As you learn more about your body in yoga, you will find that you can practice poses that will help what ails you physically and mentally through a variety of poses and breath work on any given day.

Yoga has important elements for all phases of a woman’s life. While during times of radical hormonal changes, women may feel least inclined to practice yoga, but that’s when we need it the most. These changes in body chemistry can wreak havoc on your mood. But as with any exercise and especially during yoga practice, your body releases chemicals into the bloodstream that bring you a sense of well-being and contentment.

A consistent yoga practice supports women physically, emotionally, and spiritually, but adapting your practice to meet your needs at each juncture is vital. While you can enjoy a challenging yoga regimen at any age, you’ll get the most from a practice tailored to the present, in other words, customized for your stage in life and how you’re feeling on any given day. Taking time to be aware of what’s happening in your life, in your body, and with your emotions is the key to getting the most from what yoga can offer you, all through your life.

It’s also becoming more popular with males, which is wonderful since men often struggle with flexibility.  Even adolescent males are learning how this can help with sports performance and also benefit them with issues related to being a student, constantly on computers as they study and enjoy using technology for personal time. I’m pleased that in addition to Ladies’ Only classes, I know offer Coed classes.  Many teen boys and adult males take classes with me too and this can be a wonderfully bonding family experience as well.

I like my students to know that I am a Christian yoga teacher.  I am a member of Christ Community Church and my classes reflect my faith in God.

Yoga Instruction - St. CharlesAs your practice of yoga deepens, you will begin to see how you are not the same person when you come out of a posture that you were when you went into it.  It is not only the asanas  (poses) that are different.  As we develop a greater ability to be aware of the changes of the moments, to truly feel experiences, we can be more open in life to others and live well both on and off the mat.

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