Lose that Last – or First – Stubborn 10 Pounds

It’s those last 10 pounds that are often the hardest to lose. The reason may surprise you. Keep in mind that for every pound you lose, your body requires 10 fewer calories to support your weight. So if you’ve lost 15 pounds you need to cut an additional 150 calories a day to keep losing. If you’ve lost the weight by unhealthy diets, such as not getting enough muscle building protein, or without exercising, it’s likely your metabolic rate has also dipped, making it harder to get rid of those last stubborn pounds. There are a lot of reasons that weight loss is especially challenging for women. I often tell women there is a new normal every five years. At 53, I know how you feel. But it’s worth the work to look and feel your best!

Here’s some strategies to lose that last 10:

Exercise for one hour every day six days/week – If this seems too difficult, break the time into several “mini-workouts” with a mixture of moderate-intensity cardio every day, plus total body strength training workouts (like the Optimum Performance Training Model that I personally design for my clients or my Yoga Sculpt class that provides strength training, core, cardio and flexibility) three to four times a week. The cardio will zap your fat, the strength training will boost your metabolism and improve your muscle-to-fat ratio and give you a longer caloric burn than cardio on machines. Your model works because it helps you move several major muscle groups at once to make the most of your time.
Switch off among three different cardio activities a week. You’ve heard me say many times that “variety is key to weight loss to surprise those muscle groups.” That is because without challenging muscles in different ways, you’ll get bored and your muscles will adapt, which will lower the positive impact of your cardio sessions. Remember, you don’t need machines to do cardio. That is why I incorporate it into your Reactive, Speed and Agility portions of your workouts and you can use steps at home, ball touches, ice skaters and other exercises to keep the fat burning! Your body needs change to see results. Try my yoga sculpt or power yoga class and do a weigh in the next morning. Not only will you blast cellulite and get a toned, lean look, you will reap all benefits of yoga from stress relief to greater endurance and focus.

Eat five small meals a day. This will keep you satisfied and give your energy a boost.
Here’s a sample for a woman: – one egg with turkey bacon for breakfast; an apple and almonds for a mid-morning snack; a spinach salad with skinless chicken and peach for lunch; my favorite FAGE Greek-style 0% fat yogurt with blueberries and cinnamon for midday snack and grilled salmon with steamed quinoa and broccoli for dinner and grilled fruit for dessert (plums are delish on the grill drizzled in a little honey!)

Sometimes dealing with hunger pains can be helped with maintaining more calm prior to meals.  Meditation can help, and the wonderful Orenda Balance Spray can too that I sell at JKFY.  You can learn more about all the products I offer, including Balance Spray in my What’s in Store? section or by contacting me directly through this site or at 630-584-2254.

Prize your success. After six days of being good, let yourself earn a cheat meal of your favorite food in a regular serving size-moderation is key. Focus on the meal and enjoy the calories versus the quick binge. Give yourself other motivational rewards such as a prize for each five pound loss, such as a pair of to-die-for shoes, a movie night out, manicure or pedicure or a Far Infrared Sauna at the studio (feel great and lose 700 cals while you relax in it too!

Click here for more on the Sauna benefits.

You can have success with a little know-how and inspiration. I’m here to help you with both! Set aside five minutes at the start of each day to meditate/focus on your goals and see.

If you want to learn more about meditation, don’t miss my Stretch and Restore Yoga Class on Thursday evenings.  For my Yoga Class schedule and Descriptions, click here!

This week we are focusing on angelic inspiration, in part due to a lovely book I was gifted by the author, Paula Ezop. For more on that Blog, click here!

I hope you can join me. Blessings – Jackie

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