My Glancer Magazine Fitness Influencer Story and Photos – Plus Why Strength Train Versus Cardio

It’s been very rewarding to be chosen by Glancer Magazine as a Fitness Influencer for their June 2107 edition.  Thank you all for voting and helping me achieve my personal best of 100 Likes.  As part of the interview process, there were actually 14 open ended interview questions, which then were edited down for what they felt summarized their choice.  You’ll have to wait for that edition in the mail, or to see it online when it hits mid-June.  And I’m hoping to receive your votes as the top influencer which will be done on Facebook.  Here are some of the top photos!  I thought you’d like to also read more of my full responses to questions on my Blogs.  This one is my full response to their third question.  Question #3 — If you had to pick one, do you prefer cardio or strength training and why?

Cardio is a must for a warm-up for any exercise.  I always recommend a 10 minute warm-up to get your blood pumping, especially as you age, as circulation to the joints is very important, especially if you have arthritis, which most people do over the age of 50.

While our hearts need cardiovascular fitness and that includes endurance, the research is clear: you must strength train regularly to protect your bones and build muscle strength, which ultimately is how you will burn the most calories.

You can accomplish great heart benefits through Surge Training (elevating your heart rate and working it to its maximum with specific bursts) based on your age and ability level, and not cause the joint damage that will you get from repetitive pounding on the joints that many other cardiovascular fitness activities can cause, such as running.

Strength training, with burst intervals is a very efficient means to fitness, especially if you are working out total body, like I teach at JKFY.

It’s important to realize that strength training is the best means for maintaining muscle mass and metabolic function throughout middle age.  It’s proven that Americans lose 5-7 pounds of muscle every decade.  After age 60, this doubles, primarily due to lack of use.  But strength training also protects your joints and is a women’s best defense against osteoporosis.  For men and women, lifting weights on a consistent basis while progressively increasing weight and varying reps and sets not only gives you great tone, but helps build additional muscle, increasing your resting metabolic rate and therefore the number of calories burned on a daily basis – even while sleeping. After strength training your metabolism is up for 12-24 hours.

What is most important is that if you are lifting with Total Body Movements, versus machines, you are also training your body to work in a controlled setting for life.  I mean it can help you with everyday chores, like yard work, taking groceries out of car, picking up the children or grandkids, etc.    I’ve worked with men that can lift a lot on a machine, but give them 8 lbs. weights and ask them to curl and do a Ball Wall squat in alignment (I use yoga blocks for the feet and thighs for example), and they find that’s really challenging.  Another example is incorporating a Lunge to Balance Move with a Medicine Ball which gives you rotation.  Your heart rate will be up but you will also be building strength, balance and gait work with one exercise.    You can accomplish these same movements with a total body yoga move with Weights, such as a Yoga Lunge Triceps Extension with a pulse.   A burst move in between that adds even more cardio fitness, a stretch move with free weights can add even more flexibility.

Movement with proper posture is key.  We sit all the time now.  I find that the people who walked into a health club for the first time in the 80s were fitter than those that are in the clubs working out today.  You will see the same women doing cardio for an hour these days that were doing the same thing a year ago.  If they are lucky, they look the same.   You’ve got to get to the free weights and total body moves and include yoga.  That’s where you will transform and feel great too.



For inspiration ON TRAINING TOTAL BODY just read about my Wall of Famers. While my Mom is the leader of my inspiration, I have to say that on a daily basis my inspiration comes from my clients. Many individuals seek me out because they want to rebound from an injury or illness, or they want to begin a program with a lot of weight to lose, or they have specific concerns, like their feet, or knees, that in the past has held them back. Watching their bodies and spirits change, and the effort they have put into their programs with me, that’s my daily inspiration. My Wall of Famers have overcome unbelievable odds, and we don’t have to be defined by what we can’t do. You can work around disabilities, injuries and illness. It’s more mindset and motivation and then working progressively step by step towards your goal.

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