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Great Choices for Pre- and Post-Workout Recovery, Detoxing and More!

In my years as a personal trainer, yoga instructor and in my quest for better health, I have sampled many meal replacement shakes and tried methods of juice cleanses, etc. I am very excited to carry the IsAgenix line at my studio. As my clients know, I do not carry products until I have personally tried them and given my stamp of approval for safety, effectiveness, and, of course, taste-because just like exercise, if you don’t like it you won’t do it.

IsAgenix’s Cleanse for Life, in Tropical Berry is my favorite! With a delicious fruit ice tea taste, Cleanse for Life, poured over ice in 1-2 oz. servings and diluted to taste with water, makes a wonderful juice at only 20 calories per serving. Not only does is rid your body of those sugar and salt cravings, but because it also nourishes your body with natural herbs, vitamins and minerals you will not be hungry as you lose weight. You can switch between drinking the cleanse and having 2 snacks with having a 400-600 calorie meal (I have great recipes for you to try!) on the off days with a morning and lunchtime IsaGenix Shake.

Isagenix Cleanse for LifeWhen clients are really struggling with eating on the run, coming back from vacations and the effects of overindulgence, or starting a fitness program and needing to detox from overeating and eating the wrong foods, I recommend the IsAgenix Cleansing System. There is really a need to purify your body from those sugar highs and lows that keep us craving sweets well after we’ve indulged. Times like this are a great reason to cleanse and/or keep a great meal replacement on hand.

The Cleanse is very alkalizing (great for replenishment after exercise), and wonderful for promoting an alkalized state in the body which is great cancer prevention.

Try My MJackie Koldethod of the Isagenix Cleanse Program and Lose 7 lbs in one week without sacrificing workouts or muscle mass!

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IsaLean ShakeIsAgenix’s French Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake is only 120 calories for a generous single scoop. It really is a high protein super food. The shakes have also shown fantastic results in muscle recovery with marathon runners. Jackie carries this line because she’s experienced that recovery herself, feeling satisfied and renewed whether she is on the go training clients, or working out herself. Because the body digests these shakes so well, Jackie recommends them before and after more intense workouts such her outdoor summer boot camps!

This ideal meal replacement replenishes your body with a perfect blend of organic whey protein, vitamins, active enzymes and a proprietary blend of more than 70 ionic trace minerals. When used as part of the IsAgenix Cleansing system, the IsAgenix Shake maximizes your fat burning while safely reducing your caloric intake.  The shakes blend great with fruit such as bananas for natural fiber and potassium. Regarding whey protein, not all products are alike. IsAgenix uses a special supplier that uses a low temperature, ultra-filtration process to yield an extremely clean, low-lactose, undenatured, organic whey protein concentrate from Australia or New Zealand. Undenatured whey protein preserves whey’s natural amino acid profile and is considered best to help enhance your body’s immune system. Plus it’s an entire, delicious meal for under 200 calories! Delicious shake recipes!

Hydrate Sticks – This is a delicious energy lift loaded with electrolytes and nutrients that replenish essentials lost during stress and exercise along with B vitamins and ionic trace minerals that safely charge your body with natural energy to support peak mental and physical performance. Benefits: Natural Energy Boost/Improved physical and mental performance. This is only 45 calories a serving but you really only need 1/3 or 15 more calories to the shake. The drink sticks easily make three servings of 15 calories each and sell for about a $1 a serving. So much better for you than the chemicals and fake sweeteners in other low cal drinks. They come in three great flavors – Orange, (be sure to see my shake recipe with it (link to recipes) Grape and Citrus which tastes like a refreshing lemonade! All are great for kids ages four and up. These are a wonderful rehydrating drink for our FAR Infrared Sauna (link to that) too.

Go Greens!Go Greens! Get all the fruits and veggies you need daily in a yummy banana tropical flavor. This product smells and tastes great and really mixes well with the orange flavored Want More Energy. It’s great on its own as a blended drink or added in other smoothies when you want to ensure you and your children get the daily veggies they need. Only 15 calories a serving too. (Oh, and no worries about bulking up or extra visits to the loo—sorry, but I know you are wondering!) Greens! are unique because they include more antioxidants, more prebiotic fiber and nutrients that support cleansing such as inulin and milk thistle, significant lower levels of gluten, and more omega-3 fatty acids. This product has less than one gram of sugar, no artificial flavors. These are fantastic in my meal replacement shakes (link to recipe). I sell a long-lasting jar of Greens! for about a $1 a serving.

Slim CakesSlimcakes Cookies – Finally a truly healthy cookie! With fewer than 100 calories, these low fat, heart-healthy Oatmeal Berry SlimCakes® are so scrumptious, you won’t believe they’re packed with fiber, omega-3s from flaxseed and a delicious blend of antioxidant-rich blueberries and cranberries. Each low-glycemic snack is cholesterol and preservative free, and sweetened with natural agave. This tasty treat can be enjoyed on Cleanse Days or any day, so indulge your sweet tooth - minus the guilt.


Take care and enjoy how great you will feel and look with these nutritional strategies and know that Jackie is here to help you every step of the way!  Contact Jackie to learn more!

Orenda International, a leader in Biomedic Technology. Orenda works with leading scientists and organizations including the AMC Cancer Center to create products including All in One Vitamin formulations and Orenda Immune, created through collaboration with a research group of PHDs and MDs. Orenda Products include vitamins for the entire family — even pets!  Contact Jackie to learn more!


Orenda’s All-In-One Vitamins – specialized for the entire family!

OrendaJackie’s Personal Choice for her Daily Vitamin!

All-In-One Female is an effective vitamin supplement not only made for women, but designed to significantly enhance the lives of the women who take it. Finally a multi-vitamin a woman can feel. All-In-One Female combines vitamins, minerals and nutrients with a unique blend of specially chosen herbs, including Dong Quai and black cohosh, to help balance and sooth the delicate and complicated female system. Completing-All-In One Female is a maintenance dose of Orenda ImmuneTM to keep your immune system strong.  Jackie swears by this vitamin herself to stay strong and healthy.  It is also very easy for the body to digest, even with the frequency of her workouts!

balance-finalOrenda Balance

This product is for weight management and more!  It’s is an exquisite herbal formulation that comes in a convenient spray, so you can be sure to swallow the right amount. The ingredients in Orenda Balance can help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level (for those within normal ranges), support your cognition, promote a calm and balanced state of mind and support a balanced metabolism.


Orenda's O-Tropin

Orenda’s O-Tropin

A Popular Anti-Aging Product

Through the natural support of amino acids, O-Tropin focuses its antiaging efforts on the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is the master gland and controls many of the hormones essential to healthy aging. Never seen in this combination before, the proprietary blend of plant-based amino acids in O-Tropin has taken the marketplace by storm. Even more than its ingredients alone, where O-Tropin truly stands apart from the antiaging solutions of yesterday, is in its advanced liposome delivery system. A liposome is a tiny bubble in which Orenda inserts the essential nutrients of O-Tropin. There, the ingredients are held safe as they make their journey to the intended destination. Though technology of this sort is popular in the world of pharmacology, it has been virtually untouched by the natural health industry… until O-Tropin. Taking O-Tropin is easy. Simply spray O-Tropin under your tongue, hold, and swallow. Morning and night. You’ll be amazed at how good you can feel.


Yoga ProductsYoga Blocks, Mats and Bands are also available at the studio for purchase. Jackie will help you determine which will work best for you!



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