Personal Training

Personal TrainingJackie’s personally-designed personal training programs have helped numerous clients lose weight and inches and keep them off when they didn’t in the past,  Why? Although the personal training and care Jackie puts into her programs are important, without a personalized program that teaches skills to continue your fitness at-home or in the gym on your own, you will not have the tools to keep your results going for life.

When Jackie opened the studio just outside of St. Charles, IL, she also wanted to offer personal training programs that could provide success for clients at every fitness level, be easily followed at home in between sessions, and without having to purchase expensive exercise equipment.  Thus, her program participants can achieve their goals at home using as little as 5-8 lb free weights, a stability ball, and therabands, which most people typically already own.  Her DVDs and helpful handouts guide her clients every step of the way!

While each client’s program is individual, the following “steps” summarize Jackie’s Total Body Workout Plan that can take even the novice or the injured from the couch to the finish line safely and effectively.  However ambitious your goals are, and no matter how much weight you have to lose, Jackie is here to help you every step of the way!

Read more about each of Jackie’s Steps to Fitness for Personal Training:

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