Fitness Assessment / Lumbar

Your personalized, Total Body Personal Training Program begins by reviewing your health history and fitness goals and taking a variety of fitness assessments.  Since 80% of people have experienced some back pain in their lives, Jackie’s first step and your initial workout visit gets those areas on track with her personalized Lumbar Stabilization Program.  Even athletes train with Lumbar for better back health!

A strong spine is essential for continued fitness performance and greater well-being. The benefits of her Lumbar Stabilization Training include improved gait, excellent posture and a strong core for a healthy, strong back.

Prior to your workout at her St. Charles studio, Jackie will take a starting weigh-in and measurements, and tests including Body Fat and your Body Mass Index (BMI) to track your propensity for heart disease and related illnesses.   She also performs a variety of fitness assessments of body alignment and mechanics to see how your muscles, joints and spine are functioning.

A client record is created for each client and fitness consultation notes are made on each visit to keep clients on track and chart progress with each visit.  Measurements, Body Fat and BMI are reassessed every four to six weeks.

Jackie also offers healthy eating guideliness for FREE!

Your Total Body Training program will be discussed, including exercise  and accountability charts for you to complete and bring to future sessions.  These will help you stay to stay on track with your program at home or when you travel. Along with instruction, your personalized program includes computerized exercise handouts and Jackie’s exclusive DVDs to keep your results going on your own.

You can’t build a house without a strong foundation.  The same holds true for exercise and you will start strong with Jackie’s First Step to Fitness!

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