As part your Total Body Training Program, yoga is incorporated to provide you with greater flexibility, balance and strength.  Better breathing is achieved, improving sports performance as well as teaching how to relieve stress in everyday life.

Jackie’s unique method of incorporating a yoga counterpose for each contracted exercise helps the client to go further in their fitness program and teaches them how to  “check-in” with themselves for better body awareness and safety while exercising.  Jackie’s personalized instruction, based on your fitness assessment, will stretch your tight muscles and strengthen those that are weak. Take home handouts and an instructional video is also provided for a home practice. Ultimately, Jackie’s clients develop better form and balance, greater endurance and flexibility.

Specialized yoga training from Restorative to Private Power Yoga Total Body Training sessions are available to clients during their Total Body Training Program. Clients may opt for yoga as their entire training if they wish. Meditation can be combined with any yoga session or separately. For more information on meditation led by Jackie, click here.

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A variety of yoga classes are also offered at the studio. Visit the Yoga section of the site for a class schedule and more information!  Some classes are ladies-only to offer the physical and emotional benefits of a class designed specifically for women.  Girls ages 10 and up are also welcome to these classes when accompanied by a female adult.

There are a  multitude of benefits to a regular yoga practice:

  • Increased flexibility and greater mobility.
  • Increased weight loss — up to 300 calories burned/hr. in our studio’s Power Yoga and Yoga Sculpt classes.
  • Decreased anxiety and depression.
  • Improved relaxation, clarity of the mind and concentration.
  • Improved sleep and energy.
  • Increased agility and coordination.
  • Improved posture, balance and steadiness.
  • Improved immune and nervous system.
  • Increased body awareness helps prevent injury in sports and life.

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