Yoga Classes as Private Sessions and Now Also Serving Older Adults

Jackie is currently not taking new students for classes at this time as she is teaching senior health yoga classes to the aging populations. For more information on private sessions, contact Jackie through her website contact section.   

Corp Class Shoulder TherapueticsFor many years Jackie Kold has taught yoga classes at her St. Charles studio, providing students with an experienced teacher that has a great awareness of the students’ ability levels and needs.   In her new role as an Activity Director, she brings the beauty of yoga and other health and wellness programs to those in their golden years as pictured here, right.

Personal training clients can now benefit through regular, consistent yoga instruction with the same teacher, allowing them to broaden their yoga practice under this specialized guidance.

In addition to her certifications and undergraduate work, (visit her bio section) for her compete background) Jackie Kold is a certified yoga teacher (CYT) having met specific requirements to be registered with Yoga Alliance (RYT).  She has achieved well over the 227 hours of education required through a school certified and registered with  Yoga Alliance®.  The Alliance is the national education and support organization for Yoga in the United States, working in the public interest to ensure that  the teachers of Yoga value its history and traditions and that the public can be confident of the quality and consistency of instruction.

Jackie Kold teaches Anusara Inspired Vinyasa Flow classes. Hatha Yoga (Inspired by Anusara)  blends the science of biomechanics with the joyful and creative expression of the heart. Anusara (a-nu-sar-a) means “flowing with grace”, “following your heart” or “flowing with nature”. It emphasizes a life-affirming philosophy, and Universal Principles of Alignment. Students of all levels of ability and yoga experience are honored for their unique differences, limitations and talents. Additional yoga practices such as pranayama (breath practice), and meditation are explored.  Classes each week offer a spiritual theme and physical practice that focuses on assisting certain areas of the body such as hips or shoulders.

All classes are one hour in length.  Classes are All Level, serving beginner through advanced.   Jackie also offers restorative yoga as part of her personal training program for those that require private yoga instruction for more specialized needs.  Her personal training clients sometimes opt for a program with an individualized yoga program including yoga sculpt postures with free weights as part of their personal training for more advanced personal training options.  See the personal training section of this site for details or call for more information.

Students are asked to pre-register for classes via email .  Class sizes are kept to no more than 14 students to provide for better quality of instruction but are often in the 8-10 student range.  Yoga hands-on adjustments are given and all props are provided.  Yoga mats and blocks are  available for purchase. Students should bring a mat with them to class.

Jackie Kold

One of the far-reaching benefits of offering some ladies-only yoga classes is these classes are designed to meet the needs of women’s bodies and themed to assist them in finding balance in the daily activities of their lives.  ~Jackie Kold



Watch Jackie’s recent Yoga Photo Shoot in St. Lucia! 

This series of photos was photographed on the beautiful island of St. Lucia. What a wonderful experience to celebrate the breath of life, and reinforce breathing “like a wave” to calm the mind and soothe the spirit, just as the water soothes our bodies in warm weather. A heart expanding experience! See the video below:


Learn more about my yoga and personal training and private yoga sessions by clicking here for my Steps to Fitness Page! 

Blessings on your journey!~Jackie

Class Descriptions

JKFY Renovated Studio

Students prepare for the start of Stretch and Restore with breathwork in Easy Pose.

Vinyasa Flow All-Level classes teach the body to flow in a carefully balanced sequence of postures, allowing the breath to lead the way. This all-level class includes Sun Salutations, holding postures, reconnecting to the breath, and bringing awareness to the principles of alignment. Classes will include standing postures, forward folds, backbends, laterals, extensions, twists, and inversions.

Jackie Kold Yoga Sculpt

Jackie teaching Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt offers the option of using free weights with the vinyasa.  This class allows a student to increase the intensity of a vinyasa flow class based on their own ability level and to add free weights to moves as they see fit.  It can be a wonderful bridge into Power Yoga classes for students who are gaining experience as well as an excellent class for all levels, including beginners.

Stretch and Restore is an all-level, relaxing flow class combines the benefits of a flow class and ends with restorative Yin and meditation for stress relief and positive visualizations. Great for any level from beginner on up it is especially beneficial in opening tight joints, plus easier on wrists and feet.  A great class to help you unwind, sleep well and wake up more flexible, happy and refreshed.

As stated above, personal training clients may opt for yoga as their entire training if they wish.  Specialized yoga training from Restorative Yoga to Private Power Yoga Total Body Training sessions are available to clients with Personal Training services.   Meditation can be combined with any yoga or personal training session as well.  For more information on meditation led by Jackie, click here.


I encourage you to enjoy my Breathe in Bliss classes, also see the Yoga section of my Steps to Fitness Program for information on the mind, body, spirit benefits of yoga, and set your life in motion! Namaste, Jackie

Try Jackie’s Stretch and Restore Class, which includes Yin and Meditation at the end.  Enjoy the healing power of Yin/restorative poses using bolsters after a yoga flow portion!  This class is  on Thursdays from 7:00 – 8:00 pm.

HEART OPENER YIN—  This is a Yin posture.

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