Yoga for Scoliosis Workshop

Scoliosis is an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine. It begins as a postural distortion and may become a permanent deformity. Allowed to advance, it may interfere with the lungs, heart and many other vital organs.

Three Causes
1. Congenital genetic predisposition
2. Habitual behavioral routines
3. Idiopathic unknown cause

Regardless of cause, early detection can be helpful.
Obvious Clues: An alert parent may notice that a high shoulder or low hip make clothing fit poorly. Or uneven shoe wear offers a clue. Back and leg pains may develop but are often dismissed as “growing pains.”

Wait and See? Allowed to run its course, scoliosis may often worsen. Severe cases may involve unsightly bracing or surgery that attaches steel rods, forcing the spine to straighten.

Join Jackie with guest speaker and Wellness Specialist, Dr. Curt Buss, to learn what it is, and how a dual approach of yoga and corrective exercise can help you heal!

Sunday, September 10
Location: Jackie Kold Fitness and Yoga
2:00 – 3:30 pm
Cost $50 per person
Space is Limited

Register Through Harmony Chiropractic
at 847-289-8282.

Yoga can bring great relief by bringing refined, structural alignment and breathwork due to asymmetrical imbalance. Learn about how an approach to Yoga for Scoliosis can help you or someone you know and then participate in gentle yoga postures for all ability levels to help scoliosis along with educational handouts to continue your practice to better health.

Special giveaways and discounts on health services for each attendee of savings up to $150!


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